dreaming to be an architect

For starters, architecture school is a total pain. everything, from the long nights, endless design projects, long talks on sustainability and those heartwrecking presentations. Nights of endless work only for a lecturer to rubbish it. U start soft and vulnerable to their comments but later understand that the pain only makes you stronger. This was a long 1st semester for my 2nd year. It wen t by so fast, i didn’t notice my beard grow. lol. I’m an average sketchartist. will post my works soon.But terrible at rendering and toning so that kills the finish of my sketches. guess i should have opted for art rather than french back in high school!  Though i do have to admit, walking around campus with crazy hair, untidy shirt and red eyes teaches you not to give a rat’s butt who’s starin. Embarassing at the start but you get used to it. This semester, i learnt that nothing works more wonders than a cup of coffee, a rolex at the clock of midnight or 3am and a an amazing one republic or bastille or j.cole or drake or james Mcmorrow or Plumb or Ed Sheeran or  Passenger or… the list is endless. Music to the soul. I swear, the most decent conversation i’ve heard with a gal is on my zombie walk to my room after an all nighter! Merry xmas, from the land of drafting boards and sustainable design!


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