Making a Difference #architecture

Imagination and dreams are the sole way to exclusiveness. That’s what the child in me believes gets the adventure started up. On the other hand, the grown up version sees life through detail, facts, blocking out possibilities and settling for the norm. Life is not just about the things we intend to do ut a journey about the experiences we encounter down the highway of life. Every risk is that adrenaline rush that gets you thinking of what sort of impression you can create to impact another individual or even the world. The field of architecture, being a perfect example is a huge influence on the perception our society gives to any foreign view. When I walk down a street in Kampala, I tend to notice complacency, settling for average. Yes, the buildings are structures that serve their purpose, perhaps , they follow the populat notion that form follows function. But what’s the essence in putting up structures that do not set a society apart or encourage the public to marvel at its grandeur. To achieve greatness, one must at times, endeavour to be a non- conformist. Breaking rules gets you in trouble but it at times, invents a new movemnet. Even if it means a couple of ideas getting stuck on paper and seems unrealistic, attempting to dare sometimes sets one apart. If it’s the excuse of meeting the client’s needs and the function, isn’t it far more important to give every potential client the adventure of a lifetime. A memorable experience that marks a significant jump from mediocrity. Society has become more liberal, art minded and can now accept things not being mainstream, or even enthuse about them breaching the rules. (Rauterberg, 2008) The ability to shape and influence things through buildings or influence life differently through structures is the ideal power of architecture and all it takes is believing in change. In the words of Cecil Balmond, the brain needs to be fed new things or it will shrivel. He believes that if we don’t want to go backwards, we have to go on developing. Benjamin Rukundo


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