Not alone i guess

Ever walked on a train track
Feeling the dirt beneath your shoes
Letting ur thoughts flow through ur mind
Like a super speeding ferrari
the cold breeze hitting u hard
Like a snow falling avalanche
Yet u’re body finds it insignificant
kinda weird yet kinda true
Everything else seems to stop
The crunching sound of the stones
on which you tread
sounds more like
Taking a hammer to your head
Confusion, low self esteem, hurt
All make the seem so cold
What counts, you wonder
Why me, you ponder
Ur brain’s in a frenzy
Ur heart’s in a cold war
just as you ask; does it end
Train head lights hit u
sayin; we just got in
U’re stranded staring
And it hits you
What’s there to live for
Who even cares
U let the train crash be
But a sweet soothing voice
Tender and gentle
Like it’s known you forever
whispers your name
And says… I do
Jump started to auto pilot
U step of the track
That sense of love
Sense of compassion
Like u’re being watched
with no soul in sight
That’s ur reason to live
Unexplainable yet undeniable
God cares
When the world goes cold
He’s the summer u run to
when u feel alone
He’s the shadow there
U realize u always had
Just by your side.


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