Where is Heaven?

When i sit down in this field of green
My eyes see nature
Green gras, the setting yellow sun
A scarecrow, God’s art
more than mopney can buy
But when I see with my heart
My heart seesmore
More than my mind can understand
My heart sees
In the silent swaying of the grass
In the sweet smell of fresh air
in the harmony of the sun with nature and
in the way it all works together
together for their own good
Nothing can explain this
How they stay united
Even in the driest and harshest of seasons
But compare it to man
Nature’s disgrace is he today
Unable to live with his own
Only thinking of himself
What has the world come to
Survival for the fittest
or pride and selfishness for all
No brother can led you a hand
No isster can share a heart
One just to warm ur own
None of this
without a penny to spare
If only we had the passion
The passion our father’s fathers had
Only then would we be one
One to give our children paradise
Maybe heaven is here
Here on the very ground we tread
Maybe it’s just waiting
Waiting for us to make it happen


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